picture research

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With a strong visual eye and broad knowledge of photographers, artists and picture collections from around the world, including archives, libraries, public domain sources, museums, galleries and private collections, Archive Weaver offers a well informed, thorough and creative approach to your image needs.

From the obscure and wonderful to the classic and iconic, Archive Weaver has a real passion for archival and historical images, and welcomes any picture research requests that require a keen eye for art, architecture, photography, history and culture. 

Archive Weaver specialises on a variety of editorial projects, with emphasis on book covers and interiors, educational publishing, print and digital media, as well as television broadcasting. 

Whether you are looking for a specific image or have a broad concept in mind, Archive Weaver can help you find the perfect picture for your project, from interpreting briefs, carrying out image research in English, German and Bulgarian, negotiating licensing fees within your budget, keeping records of captions and credit lines to obtaining the necessary additional copyright clearances and delivering the final image selection. Archive Weaver ensures that your project will be visually arresting, clearly communicating the meaning of your message. 

Picture research projects can also be undertaken in-house.