project research

Archival Research · Historical, Theoretical & Conceptual Research  

Archive Weaver takes on research projects commissioned by artists, photographers, architects, filmmakers, academics and public institutions.

Having worked for artists, photographers and architects in the past, Milena has experience in tracking down and licensing relevant archival material (such as images and footage) from libraries, archives and public records, carrying out comprehensive and thorough historical, theoretical and conceptual research in relation to their ongoing projects and assisting in contextualising those within a wider cultural framework or to fit a specific brief or context. 

If you need a knowledgeable and experienced researcher with an extensive visual vocabulary, well-versed in cultural studies, philosophy and the arts, who will work closely with you to understand your project and where the research would fit in, Archive Weaver would love to hear from you.

Research areas:

  • Visual and Applied Arts (photography, film, architecture, painting, sculpture, design, ceramics, crafts, fashion); 
  • Visual Culture (cultural studies, philosophy, critical theory, media studies);
  • Social Anthropology.